Completed restoration renovation projects

Renovation, an interesting alternative

Here you find an impression of some of the finca restauration projects we have done

Renovation projects spain: Here we give an impression of renovation and restoration projects we have carried out on the Costa Blanca over the past 18 years. Here you can see the results of different projects, such as the complete renovation of an old farmhouse (finca), the rebuilding of old stables, transformed into comfortable and chic B&B rooms. And also the reconstruction of total ruins into a cosy and comfortable holiday cottage.

Finca restauration projects: We combine the traditional Spanish rustic way of building in which wooden beamed ceilings, terracotta floors and natural stone walls define the atmosphere  with contemporary sometimes somewhat industrial elements such as steel, concrete, design taps, modern furnishings and lighting. Of course we use double glazing and where possible good cold insulation with modern means.r

Renovation projects spain: projects are also characterised by as much CO2-neutral heating as possible and the latest technology. Most projects are equipped with large and professional high-tech solar energy systems, making comfortable off-grid living possible. A final but for us important pillar is that we pay a lot of attention to the collection and treatment of rainwater so that it can be used as tap water. On the other side of the water cycle, we use water-saving wastewater recycling systems, making the wastewater at least suitable for irrigation purposes.